RC Hospital Board Member Bob Mehlhouse, Jennifer Macik, RN, DON, Darlene Nere, RN, Infection Prevention Manager and CEO Nathan Blad.

The RC Hospital & Clinics (RCH&C) Medical Surgical, Obstetric and ER Nursing team were nominated for a CHAIN Award for Excellence in Infection Prevention. There were 50 nominees and of that group 15 were selected to move on to another panel of judges. RCH&C as one of the 15 finalists and RC Hospital & Clinics’ Infection Prevention Manager Darlene Nere, RN and Jennifer Macik, DON were asked to present RCH&C’s improvement process with CAUTI (Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections) and C-diff at the CHAIN Conference to an audience of approximately 125 conference members.

RCH&C goals were achieved through interventions focused on hand hygiene, transmission precautions, injection practices, anti-microbial stewardship and environmental cleaning. Of special note are the outstanding results in the areas of CAUTI and C-diff we have remained CAUTI and C-diff free for two consecutive years. RCH&C is proud to have a physician champion that assists in leading the Infection Prevention Team and supports efforts to reduce infections facility wide. Our Infection Prevention Team consists of direct care staff, nurses, and representatives from lab, radiology and environmental services in the effort to keep patients, families, visitors and staff safe from infection.

Senior Management continues to be supportive and engaged at every level. Our General Surgeon/Chief of Medical staff and our physician champion have dedicated time to educate our providers.

Our Director of Nursing is committed to working closely with the Infection Preventionist on surveillance and education to the nursing staff at monthly meetings including real-time feedback for improvement or successes.

RCH&C has moved to a proactive infection prevention facility that has resulted in a cleaner, safer, and more focused facility. The team approach is embraced for daily rounds, clinical surveillance as well as audits of clinical indications or appropriateness.


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