RC Hospital Foundation Board Members along with the Imaging Team: Barb Melberg, Renae Slagter, Rebecca Thiesse, Kelsey Kubesh, Krista Schneider, Danielle Larson, Heidi Clement, Libby Revier-Foundation Chair, Nathan Blad-RCH&C CEO, Shannon Manning-Imaging Director, Amy Renneke, Toni Baumgartner, Mike Jacoby, & Bob Mehlhouse.

Computer Aided Detection (CAD) is a technology designed to decrease observational oversights. Clinical studies have demonstrated an increase in cancer detection with CAD assistance. The CAD system may improve the detection of cancer in the breast by acting as a second set of eyes to find abnormal areas on a mammogram. RC Hospital Foundation is happy to aid in early detection of breast cancer by giving this gift of the CAD Software to the Imaging Department at RC Hospital & Clinics. The total gift for the software was $31,000. Woman’s Health is so important and to have the CAD Software now available will make quite a difference by letting us know what path to take earlier.” said Libby Revier, Chair of RC Hospital Foundation.
“The Imaging Department at RC Hospitals & Clinics is very grateful for this generous donation given to us by the RC Hospital Foundation. With this technology we are able to continue providing excellent care and top notch service to our patients.” said Shannon Manning, RDMS, RVT

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