RC Hospital and Clinics is changing the face of healthcare; striving to build a healthier today and tomorrow for our communities we’re proud to call home. Our focus is not only to get you well, we want to keep you healthy. We are your partner in wellness — offering education, guidance, and assistance in preventing and managing chronic disease. Our team of healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing quality patient care and focused on putting your needs first.

Our Mission

Renville County Hospital & Clinics is a medical center dedicated to providing quality patient care with a passion for clinical excellence, patient safety, and a commitment to assure the very best health care for those we serve.

Our Vision

The vision of Renville County Hospital & Clinics is to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees in Renville County. To be a prominent community member known for meeting the health care needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care and a focus on wellness.

Our Caring Values

Culture of Care

We will carry out our mission with compassion and empathy. We believe that how a person is treated is as important as the medical care they receive.

Accountability and Trust

We will strive to build a reputation within the communities we serve by listening, being responsive, and being consistent in our actions.


We will treat our customers, business associates, and each other with fairness and confidentiality with considerations for varying opinions, values, backgrounds, cultures and religions.


We will act responsibly with professional spirit and character at all times.

Needs Focused

We believe that health care is a commitment to provide services to those in need. Patients’ needs are our top priority.

Grace, Dignity and Honesty

We are committed to conduct ourselves with grace, dignity and honesty to promote the well-being of all patients, visitors and staff.


We believe care should be built around just one person: YOU.


“I have had postherpetic neuralgia (shingle pain) for the part 14 ½ years and have been on a pain medication. Dr. Kemp sent me to Andy Johnson, APRN, CRNA, he did a laser treatment on me which instantly reduced my pain and medication. It’s great to have found help for my pain close to home here at RC Hospital & Clinics.”

— Gladys Peterson, Bird Island

PHYSICIANS & Providers

RC Hospital & Clinic’s team consists of some of the finest physicians and providers in Minnesota dedicated to excellent patient care and outstanding health education. You can expect the same excellent RC Hospital & Clinic’s care you have come to trust, along with extra time and attention you want from your doctor during the visit.


RC Hospital & Clinics’ specialty providers are a team of more than 20 physicians dedicated to providing you and your family with patient-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, and accessible care.

Audiology (Hearing)

  • Kristen Benjaminson, AuD

  • Rebecca Thiesse, AuD


  • John Bernhardson, MD

  • Jacob R. Dutcher, MD

  • Bernard R. Erickson, MD

  • John Mahowald, MD

  • Jamie M. Pelzel, MD

  • Wade T. Schmidt, MD

  • Daniel J. Tiede, MD

  • Jay H. Traverse, MD

  • Howard Zimring, MD

General Surgery

  • Jared Slater, MD, FACS


  • Bryan Rolph, MD

  • Erin Osmundson, PA-C

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Peter Sanders, MD

  • Matthew Bennet, PA-C

Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • Martin Janning, MD


  • Lee L. Cafferty, MD

  • Kent Donelan, MD

  • Leah Dvorak, MD

  • Raquel Walsh Jahnke, MD

  • Steven Vanderwerf, MD

Podiatry and Foot & Ankle Surgery

  • Bruce Neumann, MD


  • Services provided by Suburban Imaging.

Sleep Studies

  • Martin Janning, MD


  • Kenneth Shea, MD

  • Muhammed Suri, MD, MBBS

  • Vikram Jadjav, MBBS


  • Neil M. Skemp, MD