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Code of Conduct

Renville County Hospital & Clinics have a Code of Conduct to define personal and professional standards of conduct and acceptable behavior for all people while carrying out all assigned duties at the Renville County Hospital & Clinics.

All staff members are obligated to incorporate the Code of Conduct into their daily performance. Code of Conduct violations need to be reported to a Supervisor, Compliance Director, Human Resources Department, or by contacting the Compliance Hotline. Contact information is listed below.

When reported, violations of the Code of Conduct will be addressed through appropriate administrative, departmental, and human resource channels related to inappropriate behavior and conduct. Renville County Hospital & Clinics will not tolerate acts of retribution or consequences to an employee who reports, in good faith, violations to this Code of Conduct.

Contact Information                       

Lynette Bernardy, HR Director, 320-523-3478,

Nathan Blad, CEO, 320-523-3575,