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Awards and Accreditation

5-Star Patient Rated Hospital

Since 1951, our community hospital has continually evolved to meet local healthcare needs, growing into the state-of-the-art facility it is today. In a rural area like ours, outstanding emergency care is critical. As a 5-star patient rated hospital, we continue to serve patients with personalized care and innovative technology that has gained national recognition.

Chain Nominee for Excellence in Infection Prevention

The Collaborative Healthcare-Associated Infections Network (CHAIN) Award for Excellence commends the infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship efforts of health care teams working hard to build a safer overall health care environment.

Partnership for Patients Excellence Award

For reaching a superior level of performance and patient safety through the Hospital Engagement Network 2.0 (HEN 2.0) by reducing at least six hospital-acquired conditions and meeting three or more patient and family engagement (PFE) criteria.

Safe Skin Award

For our efforts to prevent pressure ulcers from forming on bed patients’ skin.

Safe from Falls Award

For our work to protect our patients who are at risk from falls. Teams are created to assess a patient’s risk, to notify all staff, and then to create a procedure for transferring the patient safely between bed, toilet, bath, wheelchair or any other transfer situation.

Hepatitis B Birth Dose Honor Role Exceptional Achievement

Immunization Action Coalition recognizes the exceptional achievement of RC Hospital & Clinics and enrolls our facility into the Hepatitis B Birth Dose Honor Roll for its noteworthy dedication to patient safety by establishing a policy to administer the first does of Hepatitis B to newborns prior to hospital discharge and achieving coverage rate of 93%.

Commitment MN Antibiotic Stewardship Honor Roll - 2018 Bronze Award

For demonstrating facility-wide commitment to antibiotic stewardship.

Culture of Excellence for Patients Award

For working together to improve quality and safety for patients, families, and communities by developing an organizational culture that exemplifies teamwork and leadership.

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