RC Hospital Foundation's Mission & Vision

RC Hospital Foundation's Mission & Vision

RC Hospital Foundation LogoRC Hospital Foundation's Mission

The Foundation is organized to support RC Hospital & Clinics and other local service providers in delivering accessible and quality health care for all county residents.

RC Hospital Foundation’s Vision For Sustaining Healthy Communities

The Foundation has a broad nucleus of financial support for achieving and enhancing optimum health care services for the citizens of Renville County.

The Foundation has a menu of funding opportunities including grant programs focused on early intervention and prevention, expansion of the RenCare program and efforts to retain/recruit providers of local health services.

The Foundation works with numerous partners to promote health services available in Renville County by providing health education and patient advocacy.

This vision is made possible through continuing partnerships with individual and corporate investors.


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The RC Hospital Foundation can certainly help you with a candy arrangement.
Help brighten your patients day with a homemade candy arrangement that has been crafted by our scholarship students.
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Featured Events

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