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Code of Conduct

Renville County Hospital & Clinics have a Code of Conduct to define personal and professional standards of conduct and acceptable behavior for all people while carrying out all assigned duties at the Renville County Hospital & Clinics.

All staff members are obligated to incorporate the Code of Conduct into their daily performance. Code of Conduct violations need to be reported to a Supervisor, Compliance Director, Human Resources Department, or by contacting the Compliance Hotline. Contact information is listed below.

When reported, violations of the Code of Conduct will be addressed through appropriate administrative, departmental, and human resource channels related to inappropriate behavior and conduct. Renville County Hospital & Clinics will not tolerate acts of retribution or consequences to an employee who reports, in good faith, violations to this Code of Conduct.

Contact Information                       

Lynette Bernardy, HR Director, 320-523-3478, bernardyl@rchospital.com

Nathan Blad, CEO, 320-523-3575, bladn@rchospital.com

Standards of Conduct & Professionalism

Promote a Positive Work Environment and Culture of Safety – We are respectful to all. We communicate openly and honestly to promote trust and understanding. Harassment, discrimination, intimidation and retaliation will not be tolerated, and will be reported as this could negatively impact patient care and staff morale.   This includes discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship, veteran status, marital status, or arrest/conviction record.

Comply with the Federal Health Care Program Laws – We are committed to full compliance with laws and regulations that apply to our operations, including all Federal Health Care Program (Medicare and Medicaid) requirements and are committed to prepare and submit accurate claims consistent with such requirements.

Billing – We are committed to insure our customers are billed for services rendered. Complete and honest documentation will be provided to our customers. Altering and/or falsifying clinical or financial records will not be tolerated.

Confidentiality – We respect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals. We will adhere to all RCHC policies and HIPAA regulations regarding personal health information. The inappropriate release of confidential patient or employee personnel information may be subject to civil and criminal prosecution as well as disciplinary action. You are expected to limit access to patient information and obtain appropriate release of information forms to the extent required by applicable laws.

Work Safely – We are responsible for following standard precautions in caring for patients, and helping others to do the same. We will maintain a drug free workplace and understand this means we may be subject to drug testing for cause. We will promptly report to a Supervisor, any individual who may seem impaired (e.g., emotional issues, substance abuse) in his or her ability to perform assigned tasks. We will promptly report any adverse events or safety hazards and encourage co-workers to do the same.

Utilization of Assets – We will utilize all Renville County Hospital & Clinics’ facilities and property in an appropriate and responsible manner. This includes telecommunication networks and computing facilities. We will be cost conscious without cutting quality of service. We will fairly and accurately bid and negotiate contracts “at arm’s length,” and at fair market value.

Conflicts of Interest – We understand we must avoid the slightest appearance of a conflict of interest by disclosing pertinent facts and exercising the best care and judgment for Renville County Hospital & Clinics, not for personal benefit or the benefit of others at the expense of Renville County Hospital & Clinics.

Kickbacks, Gifts, or Favors Prohibited – We will apply high ethical standards in representing Renville County Hospital & Clinics in the broad community.   We will follow Renville County Hospital & Clinics’ policies regarding giving and/or receiving of gifts or discounts from vendors who provide us goods and services.

Staff Responsibilities

All Staff Members of Renville County Hospital & Clinics are expected to abide by the following:

Live the Mission, Vision and Values of Renville County Hospital & Clinics

Read and understand the Code of Conduct

Be fit for duty during working hours, including on-call responsibilities

Be honest and forthright in representing Renville County Hospital & Clinics

Perform duties in a manner that promotes the public’s trust

Follow all applicable laws and regulations that pertain to the duties and responsibilities of my particular position

Maintain confidentiality

Participate in education and training as required to perform my job duties

Maintain necessary qualifications for my position

Provide and promote high quality of care for all persons

Report suspected violations of the law and/or Code of Conduct

Comply with policies and practices of Renville County Hospital & Clinics

Maintain professionalism at all times

Our Mission

Renville County Hospital & Clinics is a medical center dedicated to providing quality patient care with a passion for clinical excellence, patient safety, and a commitment to assure the very best health care for those we serve.

Our Vision

The vision of Renville County Hospital & Clinics is to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees in Renville County. To be a prominent community member known for meeting the health care needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care and a focus on wellness.

Our Values

Culture of Care – We will carry out our mission with compassion and empathy. We believe that how a person is treated is as important as the medical care they receive.

Accountability and Trust – We will strive to build a reputation within the communities we serve by listening, being responsive, and being consistent in our actions.

Respect – We will treat our customers, business associates, and each other with fairness and confidentiality with considerations for varying opinions, values, backgrounds, cultures and religions.

Integrity – We will act responsibly with professional spirit and character at all times.

Needs Focused – We believe that health care is a commitment to provide services to those in need. Patients’ needs are our top priority.

Grace, Dignity and Honesty – We are committed to conduct ourselves with grace, dignity and honesty to promote the well-being of all patients, visitors and staff.

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