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1-800-916-1836 | 100 Healthy Way, Olivia MN 56277



RC Hospital & Clinics offers a Personal Emergency Response System called VoiceCare. Emergency assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. VoiceCare allows people with medical challenges to live confidently and independently while reassuring family, friends and caregivers that help is available at the press of a button.

Who is VoiceCare for?

People who:

  • Have been discharged from the hospital
  • Have long-term health conditions such as heart disease or COPD
  • Are of any age living alone
  • Are older and have limited mobility
  • Are caring for someone in their home
  • Have mental, physical or sensory impairments

VoiceCare Features

  • Activator button water resistant, can be worn in shower or bath, don’t immerse it for longer than 30 minutes
  • Average call answer time under 60 seconds – 99% satisfaction rating
  • Installed and coordinated by Renville County Hospital and Clinics staff
  • Automatic payment plan available
  • Long term back up battery in case of power outage
  • Range of service = 390 feet
  • High Output speaker
  • Extra sensitive microphone

How does VoiceCare work?

Subscribers wear an activator button on a lanyard, wristband, or belt clip. This button should be pushed at the first sign of trouble. A signal is then sent to our 24-hour emergency response center where trained operators can access your details on their computer screen. Even if you cannot speak, operators know who you are and where you are.

Subscribers list 3 people who are willing to check on them in case of an emergency. Operators call these responders in the order you designate. If no one is reached, law enforcement is called to check on the subscriber. They will in turn dispatch an ambulance if needed.

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