Caring to Share

“I hope this form will help you for the future. Two of the biggest items are the closeness to home for both surgery and physical therapy and knowing some of the people who cared for me. I so appreciate that. It gives a sense of comfort and home.”
Marlys Hagstrom

What To Bring To Your Appointment

•  Driver’s License
•  Insurance Card
•  A list of the current prescriptions you are taking

Nursing Services and Inpatient Care at RC Hospital
Our highly-qualified and caring team of over 30 nurses provides family centered care from newborn to geriatric patients. As a patient you will receive 24-hour individualized care. Working with your physician our caring staff will care for you with skill and compassion. Patient education is ongoing throughout each patients stay. Before you go home, discharge planning consultation is provided to you. Our Discharge Planner will ensure that while you’re in the hospital and after your hospital stay, different care options are recognized, discussed with you and coordinated. Our medical/surgical/critical care area has state-of-the-art equipment including ventilator support and cardiac monitoring equipment. The nurse to patient ratio gives you the individualized and intensive treatment you need from nurses and medical staff trained in specialized monitoring techniques, patient assessment skills and administration of special medication like thrombolytic therapy or “clot busters” that reduce heart damage and accelerate recovery. Patients’ families receive special care and emotional support from our nurses and can use a comfortably furnished waiting area or chapel.
OB/GYN Services

Dr. Benjamin Linder, Dr. Mark Ahlquist and Dr. Carin Martinson specialize in obstetric services including prenatal health consultation and clinic visits, labor, delivery, and postpartum care. Gynecological services, including routine preventative care, basic infertility services, evaluation of abnormal PAP smears, bleeding problems or surgery (including minimally invasive procedures). You can count on a personalized and professional approach – an expert you can trust in women’s health and care.

Birthing Services

Our goal is to make the birthing experience as comfortable as possible for everyone involved, but especially for mom and baby. We utilize a variety of advanced pain management techniques, ranging from epidural anesthesia to natural alternatives. The rooms are decorated to be a home away from home and put you at ease. Our dedicated family practice providers, are always in communication with nursing staff to provide you with a personalized experience. Our board certified lactation consultant can also provide consultation and a visit with new mothers to feel comfortable with breastfeeding and answer questions. RC Hospital continues to offer a truly special, tender-loving family birthing experience ever vigilant and always prepared.

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