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Bob Melhouse retires from RC Hospital & Clinics Board of Directors

Melhouse Retires. with RCH Board

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018 Bob Melhouse attended his final board meeting for RC Hospital & Clinics.  The Board of Directors along with RC Hospital & Clinics staff expresses their appreciation and gratitude to Bob, who has served us as a director over fifteen years.  Throughout the years Bob along with his family have been instrumental in numerous projects and initiatives that have helped to change the face of healthcare for RC Hospital & Clinics.

“Bob Melhouse provided leadership, oversight, and support as a member of our hospital and foundation boards for over fifteen years.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to work alongside such a thoughtful individual.  Certainly, Bob’s many contributions to RC Hospital and Clinics will continue to be felt for years to come, “says CEO Nathan Blad.

We look forward to Bob continuing to be an advocate for RC Hospital & Clinics through our foundation board.